2016 MLB World Series Futures

The World Series trophy is still being celebrated in Kansas City, but the rest of the world has moved on and is looking forward to next season. 5Dimes has released their 2016 World Series futures and the early favorites is a team who hasn’t won it since 1908, the Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs are a sexy pick because of their great season, the Arrieta/Lester combination in the rotation, their lineup of stud hitters and their great manager. However, a lot can happen over a season. An injury to Arrieta or another key player would be a huge hit for them. Plus, it’s important to remember that they were the third best team in their own division this season. The Cardinals and Pirates are very good teams and they aren’t going away. The Cubs would need to top their season from last year to hope to get a division title. They definitely have the money to spend, but will they? And if they do, will they spend it correctly? Even if they do, will they still have luck on their side?

The Royals to repeat are at +1000 early. They relied so heavily on the bullpen over these past two years and that is one of the most unpredictable things in all of baseball. Their division could be tougher next year if the Indians can figure it out. Plus, the White Sox are hoping to make a leap. Still, they are as good of a bet as anyone as they have been in the Series two years straight and are bringing back a lot of their core.

The Dodgers at +1100 remain intriguing as they have the money and the talent, but the question marks in the bullpen are still there. Mattingly is gone now, but there is nothing he could do when the talent wasn’t there. The Dodgers should be the favorite and if they improve their bullpen situation this could end up being a great value.

The most intriguing team to me is the Boston Red Sox at +1800. We saw a little bit of what their offense could do in the second half of the season and with Dave Dombrowski taking over at GM, they will definitely be going for it this year. They’ve already added Craig Kimbrel to help shore up their bullpen situation and everyone sees them as the favorite for David Price. The pitching was their biggest issue last year and with some better luck and new personnel there is no reason they shouldn’t be one of the favorites to win it all next year.

Then again, it is an even year and the Giants at +2000 always win in even years.

Complete odds from 5Dimes are below. You can bet any of these at http://www.5Dimes.com

Chicago Cubs   +950
Kansas City Royals   +1000
Toronto Blue Jays   +1000
Los Angeles Dodgers   +1100
St. Louis Cardinals   +1200
Washington Nationals   +1200
New York Mets   +1250
Houston Astros   +1400
Pittsburgh Pirates   +1500
Texas Rangers   +1500
Boston Red Sox   +1800
New York Yankees   +1800
Los Angeles Angels   +2000
San Francisco Giants   +2000
Cleveland Indians   +2500
Miami Marlins   +2500
Seattle Mariners   +2600
Detroit Tigers   +3000
Tampa Bay Rays   +4000
Baltimore Orioles   +4500
Chicago White Sox   +4500
San Diego Padres   +4500
Minnesota Twins   +5500
Oakland Athletics   +6600
Arizona Diamondbacks   +7500
Cincinnati Reds   +8500
Milwaukee Brewers   +8500
Atlanta Braves   +12500
Colorado Rockies   +17500
Philadelphia Phillies   +27500

November 1st, 2015 World Series Betting Tips

After the Royals come from behind win last night they hold a huge 3-1 lead and could finish the series tonight. The Royals have just gotten hot at exactly right time with the bats and they have just been too hot as of late for the Mets to keep up. They’ve had a great season and their fans are ready to celebrate their first World Series title since the 1980s. What a great time to be a Royals fan. Their fans have been suffering for a long time and they deserve this.

Of course, they still need to win one game and the Mets won’t go down easily. They send Matt Harvey to the mound tonight who probably had the best start of all of the great young Mets starters in this World Series. Tonight is a rematch of the great Game One match-up that saw the game go to fourteen innings. I don’t know if we’ll see something quite like that though. (Hopefully not, some of us have to work on Monday.)

The Royals will have Edinson Volquez on the mound who I have liked for the Mets to hit in the series. They did a decent job against him in Game One and this start, less than a week later, should go better for them. That Royals bullpen will be in this one early if needed as the Royals smell blood in the water and they really want to capture that World Series title.

World Series Betting Tips:

Kansas City Royals at New York Mets: I am not betting against the Royals offense right now. Matt Harvey is great, but the Royals have had no trouble with any of the Mets starting pitchers thus far in this series and I just don’t see that changing. With Volquez going for the Royals, who is a very hittable starter for this Mets offense than I have to go with the over here again. Every game in this series has gone over to this point and there is no reason that shouldn’t continue with the second time through the rotation coming up.

Barring something crazy happening, the Royals are going to win this series. Whether that is tonight or in Kansas City is up in the air, but the Royals are just looking so much better in every facet of the game. Hitting, relief, defense and baserunning is the way they win games and that should carry them to the championship. I feel like tonight is the night that they finish it. Vegas has them at as an underdog, but I just don’t see it. They’ve dominated every phase of the game and I think their crowning moment will be tonight in the Bronx.

Thanks everyone for following us this season. It’s been a great year and we can’t wait to come back next season. Hopefully tonight isn’t the last night of the season, but just in case it is. Thanks for a great season.

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October 29th, 2015 World Series Betting Tips

The series heads to New York today for game three of the World Series. The Kansas City Royals are just two wins away from the World Series, but they’ll have to go through New York City first. The way they looked in Game Two it’s hard to imagine the Mets making a comeback in this one.

The Mets send Noah Syndergaard to the mound today to try and right the ship. Syndergaard has looked great in the playoffs with a 2.37 ERA and two starts with only one run allowed. During the season he had a far better ERA at home than on the road which should benefit him tonight. Of course, the Royals have a way of taking even the best starters and knocking them out. They just don’t strike out which kills any opposing pitcher’s aresenal.

Yordano Ventura goes for the Royals and he is the perfect poster boy for what they do best. He pitches pretty well, but only for about five or six innings and then let’s the bullpen take over. He’s been solid, but unspectacular in the playoffs. The most he’s gone is 5 1/3 in three starts and has allowed three runs in two of the three. If there is a chance for the Mets to get back in the series, this is it.

Let’s take a look at our tips for today. Our World Series record thus far is 2-1.

World Series Betting Tips:

Kansas City Royals at New York Mets: The biggest story coming out of game two was Johnny Cueto who pitched a complete game, only allowing two hits. The past couple of months have most been a disaster considering what they gave up to get him, but he stepped up when it really mattered. If the Royals when the World Series this year, that trade can be considered a win because of his performance.

Not only was that huge for the series, but it was huge for the bullpen who should be rested up after that crazy game one. This game is set up pretty well for the Royals to win, but I think the Mets will be desperate to grab a win and I just don’t feel comfortable picking a winner tonight. This is a close one, like game one.

After two overs in the first two games, I think tonight we finally see one go under the posted total. Jacob deGrom was cruising in game two until the fifth when all hell broke loose. I think in a 2-0 deficit that the Mets will be more aggressive and make sure an inning like that doesn’t happen again. Plus, with the Royals bullpen rested and dominating closer Jeurys Familia rested for the Mets, runs could be very hard to come by tonight. Bet the under and hope for another classic like game one.

I’m personally rooting for the Mets tonight because I don’t want the World Series to be over. So let’s do this New York. Take it away, Roddy.

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October 28th, 2015 World Series Betting Tips

Holy cow, what a game last night! I think I just woke up from falling asleep after it ended. When I didn’t choose a winner because I thought it would be close, I really had no idea how correct I would be. 14 innings and the bullpens got extremely taxed. It’s going to be really interesting what happens from here on out as both bullpens got used a lot more than either manager ever wanted them to. The Royals ended up taking it thanks to an Eric Hosmer sacrifice play after a questionable intentional walk to Lorenzo Cain that loaded the bases.

Tonight brings us game two with Johnny Cueto going for the Royals and Jacob deGrom going for the Mets. This could be a good one. Our pick of over seven runs came in last night for a 1-0 night. Let’s keep it rolling for game two tonight.

World Series Betting Tips:

New York Mets at Kansas City Royals: Both teams will look for their starters to take them deep into this game to save the bullpens from more work. If we are looking at who is best equipped to do that than I have to go with Jacob deGrom of the New York Mets. He would’ve been a Cy Young winner in a world without Arrieta/Kershaw/Greinke and he is the unlikely ace of this ballclub. The trouble with the Royals and making contact is always there, but I like deGrom a lot tonight. The hitters could be tired and he has been great thus far in the playoffs with a 1.80 ERA in three starts, all of which were wins.

He goes against Johnny Cueto who has not been great. In his three playoff starts he has an outrageous 7.87 ERA and only has one quality start. His last time out against the Jays he allowed eight runs in just two innings. As I said yesterday the Mets offense is a lot closer to the Jays than you might think and this could be a long night for Johnny.

For this one I have to go with the Mets at -117. The starter difference is just too large and I think the Mets could hit the ball hard tonight. This series could go long and being tied at 1-1 heading back to New York is in the books for that to happen.

The total again is set at just seven runs and we are taking the over as well. While I think that deGrom has a good game, this is still the Royals who simply make contact with everything. deGrom allowed two runs in his past two starts and I could see that being his number again here today. Cueto will make up for the rest of the number to make this total go over. The bullpens also seem ripe to give up some runs too as yesterday saw Jeurys Familia actually give up some runs which led to the crazy extra innings we saw.

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October 27th, 2015 World Series Betting Tips

It’s finally here. The World Series starts tonight to crown the champion of the 2015 season. Before the season there were some who expected the Royals to return, but not many. There was practically no one who expected the Mets to be here, but here we are. I have to admit that even in the Championship Series round that I didn’t expect these two teams to be in it. The Jays offense just felt too good while the Cubs seemed to be the team on the unbeatable hot streak. The Royals and Mets shut that down though and now they are here in the World Series.

The latest odds at 5Dimes basically have this as a coinflip with each team having -110 odds to win the Series. That is rare and shows just how close these two teams are. They both have great bullpens, great scouting, great defense and tough lineups. Where the Mets lead in the power, the Royals have them in their ability to not strikeout. Where the Mets lead in starters, the Royals have them in… their ability not to strikeout. This should be a really fun match-up with two fanbases who haven’t seen their team when a championship since the 1980s. It should be a great series and I am really excited for tonight.

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World Series Betting Tips:

New York Mets at Kansas City Royals: Tonight’s game is all about nerves. Will teams be nervous? Will the starters falter because of their first game on the big stage? Sometimes when we are digging into the stats we forget that these guys are human beings. Maybe they just struggle for a few pitches here and there, but they do struggle. Sometimes guys swing at stuff they might not have earlier in the playoffs because this is the World Series. Picking these games can sometimes be tough because of this because you just never know who it will effect.

Which is why tonight we like the over of seven runs. I would probably like this anyway as I have with most Edinson Volquez starts in the playoffs. Besides his one great start against the Blue Jays, he has been hit pretty hard in this postseason. His last time out he gave up five runs to the Blue Jays who absolutely rocked him. While the Mets offensive isn’t quite as killer as the Toronto lineup, it’s also not that far behind. The way they have played in the playoffs (Daniel Murphy!) has been scary and I expect them to get some runs on the board early tonight.

While Matt Harvey is the better pitcher by far, I think he could suffer tonight. This will be his first appearance in ten days so rust could be a factor and this is his first World Series start in a road game that will be very loud. The Royals are difficult to get out as it is, but when you combine it with those factors it could be an early exit for him as well.

I expect this to be a long series and if both teams can get to the bullpens early today it should help to extend the series. That is a strength for both teams, but if you tire those guys down it’s anyone’s series.

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