NFL Super Bowl Betting Tips

8-2 in the playoffs.

It’s been a great run going 8-2. We’ve made money and have already locked in a winning playoffs. A good start to the 2011 season. We’ll be back for the 2011 MLB season and plan to have our biggest season yet.

As for Sunday we like:

Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Packers -2.5

It’s the year of the Packers. They haven’t shown any signs of weakness all this offseason and the Steelers are beat up all around. If this wasn’t a Super Bowl I could see this line being a lot higher. Packers take home their 4th Super Bowl on Sunday.

If any of you are interested in prop bets we also really like:

Donald Driver O/U 4.5 Catches: OVER


Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl MVP 3/2

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Happy Super Bowl.


I don't know how you do it but you do manage to get a lot of them right- Keith S.
i love winning, thanks- Tim M.
i wish you picked every game- Matt

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